Information for Visitors

Travelling to India

The most convenient airport for coming to Vrindavan is Delhi Airport (Indira Gandhi International Airport). The two other most common airports are Mumbai and Kolkata for international travelers. Trains are available from both Mumbai and Kolkata to get you to Vrindavan, which is located in the heart of Mathura District of Uttar Pradesh (UP)-281121.

Traveling to Vrindavan

From Delhi Airport you can get a taxi directly to Vrindavan. Taxis are available at the airport or you can arrange for a taxi from Vrindavan to collect you, this is a better option as you are less likely to be cheated. If you know someone in Vrindavan they can also arrange it for you. You should expect to pay about Rs.1500 for a non AC taxi to Vrindavan.

You can also get trains from the Central part of Delhi (i.e. New Delhi Railway Station) to Mathura, you will then need to get an auto rickshaw or taxi to the Maa Vaishno Dham at Vrindavan, the train should cost no more than Rs.100, this is for a general ticket and paying the extra for sitting in a Sleeper Class boggie, the auto rickshaw fare from Mathura should also be no more than Rs.25-30.

Buses are also available from Delhi, some buses come into Vrindavan, otherwise you will have to get off the bus at Chhatikara and then get a rickshaw to the Maa Vaishno Dham at Vrindavan. The bus fare from Delhi should be no more than Rs.100, and the rickshaw fare from Chhatikara no more than Rs.10.

From Mumbai you can get a number of good trains direct to Mathura, second class sleeper will cost about Rs.450 and 3 tier AC will cost about Rs.1200. The Golden Temple or Paschim Express are both good trains.

From Kolkata there are no good trains direct to Mathura. You can get the Kalka Mail train to either Tundla or Aligarh and then get a taxi or bus to Mathura/Vrindavan, second class sleeper will cost about Rs.500 and 3 tier AC will cost about Rs.1200. A non AC taxi from Tundla or Aligarh will cost about Rs.900. Another option is to get a train to Delhi and then come to Vrindavan as detailed above.

Where to stay in Vrindavan Accommodation is available inside the Dham for the devotees. Apart from the Atithi Niwas at the Dham, there are a lot of other options which are available in Vrindavan. They all vary in their standards ranging from Rs.50 per night for a very simple room with no facilities to Rs.1500 per night for a room with AC, bathroom, kitchen and an abundance of other facilities. During festival times it is very difficult to find rooms at the last minute, so if you know you are coming, try to book your rooms in advance, busy times in Vrindavan are Kartik, Gaura Purnima and the month of Sravana. Below is a list of the Guest-houses in Vrindavan.

GUEST-HOUSE Minutes walk from Dham Rs. Per Night Non AC / AC Minutes walk from Dham Phone No.
Smt Bhagwani Devi Atithi Niwas at the Dham 1200/1400 +GST Inside the Dham Compound 9997000604/03
Shri Tola Ram Chaudhry Atithi Niwas 1200 +GST Inside the Dham Compound 9997000604/03

Etiquettes to be observed in Sri Vrindavan Dham


Always fix the fare in advance. Never fight with the rickshaw driver. In case of dispute get help from a local devotee. Never drive the rickshaw yourself. Devotees in saffron cloth must never ride with a lady. Ladies should never ride alone after dark.


Do not eat on the public street or sit at the tea stalls outside. It is not only dangerous to your health but also creates a bad public image. If you have to purchase anything to drink or eat from outside, bring them back to the Dham campus or to your room. Ladies, especially, should not under any condition sit at the tea stalls.


Photography is prohibited in many temples in Vrindavan. Always inquire first as indignant caretakers are known to break cameras. It is best not to wear shoes when visiting temples or doing parikramas.

Do not carry your shoes in a bag into any temple of the Lord. Many temples do not even permit wearing socks in the temple. Carry small coins to give as donations. Beware of touts, pickpockets and so-called guides. If you are harassed by aggressive pandas it is best to either ignore them or give a small donation and move on. Do not get into an argument with them.

Dress code

Ladies should wear sari and have their head and bodies, including bellies covered at all times. They should wear sufficient and thick clothing while bathing in the Yamuna or in any kunda. Men should wear neat and clean dhotis and kurtas.


Use your own locks on your room door. Do not bring foodstuffs into your room as this may attract insects especially ants. You will find it easier to keep healthy. Be mindful of where you keep your room keys as the receptionist may not have a spare one.

Safety Tips

  • Do not allow strangers in your room.
  • Always keep your room locked. If you are staying outside the Dham then insist on using your own locks.
  • Keep your passport, money, flight tickets, jewelry and other valuables in a safe place. Lockers are provided inside the Dham.
  • Be careful of pickpockets when you are in a crowded place.
  • Do not leave your camera or belongings unattended, as they can easily be stolen.
  • Do not use any kind of fire in your room.
  • Always drink bottled or reliably filtered water.
  • Keep glasses in your pocket while downtowneven on a rickshaw. Monkeys may steal them.
  • If you have any indications of sickness please contact a doctor immediately. You can take help of administrative office for this.
  • Do not go alone to take a bath in the Yamuna. Go in a group. Do not go out too deep into the water even if you are a good swimmer.


Please keep your valuables in a safe place. To assist you, the Temple has a locker facility where you may deposit your cash, travellers cheques, passport, tickets & other documents for safe-keeping. The locker facility is located at Seva Sthal and at Administrative Block.
Timings: 6:00am to 1:00pm & 4:00pm to 8:00pm.

Lost and Found

Contact the Dham Office.
Timings: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.